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Track+Pro provides you with critical data before, during and after an AED emergency event. It tracks your AED's maintenance, renewals and incidents. Pricing per AED.

Maintain Your AED
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Track+Pro - Legally Compliant and Always Ready to Respond!

  1. Is my AED ready when I need it?
    • Locates all AEDs on your premises, ensuring quick access during emergency situations
    • Stores an easy-reference personnel database, with up-to-date contact information to provide back-up help when you need it
    • Provides all part numbers for easy ordering and maintenance
    • Notifies relevant personnel, in advance, regarding expiration dates of all parts to make sure your AED is always 100% functional and legal
    • Sends regular email reminders, to key personnel, for all required AED inspections
    • Sends reminders to all relevant personnel regarding CPR Training renewals, as required by law
  2. Crucial data must be documented during an emergency event.
    • Provides a convenient data logging feature to quickly and easily document AED-related incidents
    • Includes a security login function to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your AED and important data
  3. You may be required to provide accurate accounts of AED events.
    • Provides a comprehensive event-reporting feature to comply with Good Samaritan Laws and Casa Act
    • Allowes seamless transfer of data to other digital mediums
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