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All AED devices use pads which are applied to the patient in order to safely deliver a shock to their body in order to restart a heart which has ceased its normal beating. These pads come standard when you order an AED unit for use in your home or workplace however they do need to be replaced occasionally in order to maintain the unit in reliable working order. It would not do to find yourself in an emergency situation without the proper equipment to put your training to use.

AED pads ought to be changed approximately every five years. Each manufacturer has a specific timeline for the pads it uses and should be consulted when looking to maintain the AED. By following up on this important piece of the device you are able to make sure that those around you are as safe as possible. Purchasing an AED is a great first step towards helping yourself and others live a safer life, while purchasing extra pads or replacement pads is just as important when the time comes.

The AED training courses offered instruct students in how to properly apply AED pads during use as well as how to replace the pads should the need arise. By taking an AHA CPR AED course you will become fully informed on the use and maintenance of this vital first aid device in order to be prepared should an emergency situation arise. Sudden cardiac arrest is a common condition which can be remedied by proper use of an AED, so be sure to properly maintain one in an easy to access area in case it becomes necessary. Time is of the essence during an emergency situation and an easy to access AED with working pads can make all the difference to a victim.